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NuYu Health Services is dedicated to helping you develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We offer the latest in weight loss and health care treatments, and our committed staff work with every patient to plan realistic goals, and we try to encourage and motivate you every step of the way until you achieve them.

At NuYu Health Services, you will receive cutting-edge treatments, along with the support and professional care that you need to help you live a happier, healthier life.

Successful weight loss is highly dependent on several things: good nutritional habits, regular exercise and plenty of sleep, and all are equally important to losing weight and keeping it off. At NuYu Health Services, we utilize sophisticated technology to measure your body’s needs, and then we construct a comprehensive plan to help you make positive life changes, lose weight and keep it off.
The physician practitioners at NuYu Health Services can provide you with all the right tools you need to safely lose weight, including:

– A Body Composition Scale Evaluation that provides us with an analysis of your body, as well as a health risk assessment, that allows us to build a personalized  weight loss program for you.

– Energy-boosting and rejuvenating vitamin B12 injections. (several different types of energy boosting and rejuvenating injections to choose from)

– One-on-one sessions with our practitioners where they will help you set realistic individual weight-loss goals and help you stay motivated until you reach them.

– EXCLUSIVE compounded medication available

For more information on how our licensed physicians can help you  get started losing weight,  contact us today.